Who are we?

Andrew J. Koh (Founder and Director)
Senior Research Fellow, MIT Center for Materials Research in Archaeology & Ethnology

Andrew Koh is an archaeological scientist and historian with a background in the natural sciences and digital applications. He currently co-directs the Southern Phokis Regional Project in central Greece, which includes excavations at the Late Mycenaean citadel of Desfina-Kastrouli (possibly Homeric Anemoreia), and founded the ARCHEM Project in 2003 to make organic residue studies more collaborative and widely applicable to all scholars of antiquity, a goal exemplified by the OpenARCHEM archaeometric database. Before earning his Ph.D. in archaeology, ancient history, and archaeological science at the University of Pennsylvania, he completed his undergraduate degree in biophysics (pre-medicine) and classics at the University of Illinois followed by a master’s degree in ancient Near Eastern and biblical studies.

Alison Crandall (Assistant Director)
Lead Lab Chemist, Doble Engineering Company

Alison Crandall double majored in Chemistry and Classical Studies as an undergraduate at Brandeis University, where the perfect background and good timing led to her involvement with ARCHEM. She continued at Brandeis for her MA in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (AGRS) under Dr. Koh’s supervision, specializing in archaeological science. She is currently the Lead Lab Chemist for Doble Engineering Company.

Research Associates:

Sarah Schofield (2011-present)

Anna Krohn (2015-present)

Katie David (2010-2014)

Research Assistants:

Leigh Bryan (2010-2013)

Natalie Sussman (2011-2013)

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